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Your Dos & Don’ts to Make Your Investment on SEO Worth it

A Proper Background Check

You may come across number of Perth SEO service providers. But conducting a background check is not so difficult. You may feed the company’s name in a search engine, say Yahoo or Google. You may come across the feedback for the services provided by the company. If most of the feedback is negative, it’s better to drop the idea to hire the services of the company.

However, chances are that the particular Perth SEO services provider company’s competitors might have displayed a fake negative feedback. The probability of a business rival indulging in unethical practices may not be ruled out.

The Perth SEO Provider Company Should Enjoy a High Google Rank

If the company whose services you want to hire enjoys a high Google rank or for that matter, a good rank by another reputed search engine, say Yahoo!, it rather guarantees that the SEO services provided to you would be effective. And your investment on SEO services is not likely to be drowned.

Do Not Hire the SEO Services of a Company that Uses Automated Submissions

If a Perth SEO services provider company submits the web pages using an automated software, it’s services are not worth hiring. Reputed search engines like Google insist on some guidelines that are to be adhered to for web page submissions.

Do Not be Lured by Illogical Promises

Look for a Perth SEO service provider company that makes only logical claims. If a services provider promises to convert your website, it’s more the reason that you look into all the details before making the payment.

Make Sure that You Get Value for Your Money

Make sure that the Perth SEO provider’s services are compatible with your clients. You may be paying more and getting quite unqualitative services in return. If the investment on the SEO services is not worth it, it’s useless incurring the expenditure. And do not forget that an ineffective SEO service provider may be a boon not for you, but your competitors. Your loosening grasp over the market may tighten theirs.

Further look at the other side of the picture as well. While a fat bill presented by the SEO provider may deter you from approaching the company, too low a price quoted by them should not lure you either. Ask for the reason for the low prices. Poor quality of the services may be one of the reasons. It does not make the company worth hiring either. Poorly provided services may be worse than expensively provided ones.

How to Finance Your Business Ideas Part 2

There are other avenues for financing your business of course, I used credit cards to get my first business up and running when I was getting started. If you’re enterprising, you can generate several thousand dollars in credit card loans and never pay the interest; that depends on the business and the cash flow you can generate.

If you’ve developed a substantial amount of savings and run boot-strap financing. If you’ve got an LLC or Corporation, you can lend your company the money and pay yourself back and qualify for tax breaks. Please check with your accountant before you attempt creative financing.

If you have a local SBA (Small Business Association), you can tap into their loan program and benefit from their expertise and connections with major lending institutions. The major issue with the SBA is the same as the banks. If you’ve had issues with credit and your business is new, you’ll be in better shape than with the banks but not by much.

The credit union might be another option for you if you’ve developed a long relationship with the institution. Some people who have family who are connected with credit unions for quite a long time.

If you can parlay that relationship and have them as a guarantor. You might be able to set up a loan that has a very low interest rate.

Vendor financing is also another popular way to finance your venture. You can contact a number of vendors and as you make your payments, you can use the credit history to help you establish your company. If you offer attractive terms to your vendors, you might be able to vendor-finance your existing business.

Some people can start with a bit of creative bootstrapping to get started. You can sell some of your assets to finance the project. Mortgage your property for a low interest loan. Finance your business with your job. Some people who have the option to live mortgage or rent free for a period of time might be able to save enough to get started.

You could put ads in the newspaper to attract potential partners. Be sure to place the ads in a reputable business periodical. You really don’t want it in a small circular if you expect to get serious high end investors who know about business. However you’ll want to advertise where people who know your line of business and are familiar with it will be on the lookout.

I you want to be creative, find local investment clubs and pitch your business plan. You might be persuasive enough to get their backing. As a corporation, you can sell shares and plan your growth accordingly. How you structure the deal will determine the profitable benefits for all concerned.

I hope this article stimulated some ideas for you to consider and arms you with a bit of inspiration. Starting a small business and growing it to finance your family’s lifestyle is no small timid venture. It can be exciting, frustrating and sometimes downright scary. It’s rewards are fantastic.

Take Your Company Public – Have Investors Begging to Invest!

As the economy worsens and banks continue to crash and the US dollar is losing its place as the world currency American entrepreneurs need alternative funding solutions that cater to ongoing capital needs that take advantage of the international finance stage as opposed to domestic institutional lenders.

Many companies, for the first time, are considering going public as a viable option but where does one start on this trek? How much does it cost? What type of lawyer and consultants do I need? Who sells my stock? Etc.
The reality is, going public is fairly straight forward if you have a product or service that lends itself to an invest-able option to global financiers.

The process of a start-up or small/medium size business going public usually begins with the basic business plan (50 to 100+ pages in length) and a Private Placement Memorandum (Regulation D Rule Exemptions 504, 505 or 506). The company would then do an initial round of funding with accredited investors with a mini/maxi built into the offering circular that makes it possible to reach a simple benchmark that would allow the company to start using the investment cash for growth via public offering using OTCBB (over the counter bulletin boards); this is the quickest and cheapest way to go public being that 99.9% of companies don’t have the liquidity and time in business to qualify for an IPO.

There are several things that a company can do to make your capital raise a pleasure and not a nightmare. Start with a solid market maker that will commit to putting forth a dominating effort to sell your shares. The next thing you need to do is put a face and a voice to the company. Hire a publicist and pick an executive, usually the CEO or CFO, set up, daily interviews on radio and TV to promote the company and as you do this you will begin to see instant results. Another thing is to send out articles and press releases focusing on every single positive point, contract and strategic partners, feed that publicity machine. Branding is another powerful aspect to raising capital. Make your brand and image something that people see on online and in magazines. A solid publicist will do wonders for you. Get your press releases going on the wire to broker dealers and market makers and other stock promoters.

Fund raising has been complicated by unethical companies that are looking to create capitalization angles for themselves whether they are the business raising capital or the broker dealer buying and selling their stock. Done honestly, there is no reason a company with a viable business concept can’t be successful in raising capital quickly and easily being sold on the public market.